The Opiume Ensemble: Soprano: Judith Dodsworth / Tenor: Xie Kun / Baritone: Paul Hughes / T'ang Quartet: Ng Yu Ming, Ang Chek Meng, Lionel Tan, Leslie Tan / Sheng: Loo Sze Wang / Guan, Suona: Law Hang-Leong / Dizi, Xiao: Chiu Siu-Wai / Percussion: Margie Tong / Conductor, Piano, Music Director: Belinda Foo

Music & Libretto:  Mark Chan

A Chamber Opera / Oratorio in 6 Parts:

1.  Discovery

2.  Intoxication

3.  Economics

4.  Addiction

5.  Conflict

6.  Epiphany

Commissioned by the Singapore Arts Festival 2004 & the New Vision Festival Hong Kong 2004

The Production was Co-Created by Mark and Casey Lim.

Inspired by the events of the illicit opium trafficking that took place in China in the 19th Century, Opiume is a modern view of not only what took place but also a comment on how we live our lives now:

the difficulties of cross-cultural interaction, the power play, the dangers and seduction of drug use and also the harsh reality of economic trade and imbalance.


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