China Blue:

“Chan’s music breathes serenity and contemplation… it captures a feeling and haunts with its melody. Integrating Chinese, Malay, Japanese and Western sounds, Chan hits his mark effortlessly…. real World Music!”

“For a long time now, we have wondered about the Singapore sound…. What is it that makes it both local and international ….. Chan’s trilogy of albums (China Blue, Nature Boy & Travelling Under The Light Of The Full Moon) achieves that through sheer feeling….”

Philip Cheah, BigO (Singapore’s premier music magazine)


“Mark is an exceptionally talented Singaporean, I have long admired his songwriting skills, his singing and, more recently, his compositions for the Chinese flute.”

Professor Tommy Koh, Ambassador-at-Large, Republic of Singapore


Mark Chan’s breakthrough album. His trademark mix of both instrumental pieces and songs with words stem from China Blue. The 1st in his Great Big World Trilogy, the 2nd Nature Boy, the 3rd Travelling Under the Light of the Full Moon


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