So Mani Pata Om!

Dear A…

A little tongue in cheek Ode to Jamon y Madre Mia!

My Mother came to Hong Kong and left as yet another gesture of kindness and love some amazing Spanish Ham – PATA NEGRA “black thigh”  (and Bellota no less!) in the refrigerator.. Enjoy!


T’was a hard day T’il

the Pata Negra I spott’ed

T’inly sliced Bellota in the frigerat’er!

Courtesy of Momma Lucy

T’is right to venerate her!

O Many Pata home!

So Many Pata Om!

Midnight madness did ensue…

The Bellota I did T’uck Int’o / It’s True

.. and now all a-T’ingling in ma T’Ummy I am more than sat’ed,


I have to t’ank ma Momma Lucy Chan for the T’reat, the T’reasure, the T’rotters Cured and

¬So wonderfully flavoured and salt’ed…;-)



We wants MORE!

O Many Pata home!

So Many Pata Om!


click the pic!

Mother & Me-MOTION


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