dreaming of Pramoedya Ananta Toer

This opened up alot of reading and thinking for me.
Hence the email before this:  Dreaming of Pramoedya…
Hope all’s good with you.
Whatsapped you some time back but it never seemed to get delivered.
Marko in HK
Hiya, have not seen it but have read his famous quartet of books. Loved them. Will definitely check it out. When are you back here? Think I was away when You whatsapp’ed me.
I’m very pregnant, about a month away from having baby.
M…Sent from my iPhone
Wow, I wasn’t told by anybody you were expecting.

Most likely my fault because I’ve become so much a hermit in Hong Kong.

I am off to Canada (first time) next week.. will keep in touch.

The movie isn’t based on Pramoedya’s work but it’s all about the ’65 – ’66 massacres and it must be pretty disturbing.

All the best for the new baby!
and Hi to Mi.. for me



All at once

Oddly and anachronistically

I am engulfed by sleepless nights


Longing for the books I held dear to myself

by writers that burned holes through the walls of my old house

leaving windows open

to aspects of the world

other than this language I call my own


in translation

was the eye of my soul

and the more the eye enlarged

the wider the vista my soul engaged

until I realized that the self is infinite

and not your own

you live and stand on borrowed time

a lease from the universe

if you believe in god

then a covenant with god

but with no conditions

except that you live that life

with a thatched roof and walls of mud ready to be seared open at

any time

and your emotions keyed close to your intelligence

neither sentimental nor


but open


oh how I miss you


Pramoedya Ananta Toer


On amazon one will become castrated as an Asian Man

if one only relies on what the amazon natives allow or not allow

they who believe in the lies and securely constructed myth of their times



I go dangling my toes in some South-East Asian stream

because that is the one respite from these ghettos of whiteness that I prowl here

mid levels.



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